The Best of Both Worlds

Life in New York City is nothing shy of interesting. You’re here for the arts, the food, the nightlife, the thrill. And, as certain milestones come your way—a promotion, a relationship, a new family, or even a new four-legged friend—your tastes evolve. Suddenly, life in New York has new purpose, and it’s incomplete without an apartment that finally feels like home. When we designed 250N10, our emphasis was on space: Space to unpack. Space to host. Space to grow. Space to live and thrive. Our modern apartments in Williamsburg give you the best of both worlds: A bustling neighborhood that rewards its residents with character and charm, as well as proximity to the city—just 10 minutes away on the MTA. We’re excited to show you around. Learn more about 250N10’s perks, layout options, and the neighborhood itself.

Pet Policy

$300 Pet Fee for Cats $600 Pet Fee for Dogs (Breed Restrictions Apply)